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The damage sustained in collision is rarely limited to the site of impact. As well as its appearance, the damage can affect a vehicles structural integrity along with the systems vital to its performance. Repairing such damage takes more than a keen eye and a steady hand. It requires an intimate knowledge of the vehicle’s design, its tolerances, construction and safety systems.

It’s something Panel One recognised from day one. So, when BMW introduced the industry’s first Body and Paint Technician Education Program in 1992, Panel One was among the first to sign on. Since then, there’s been a steady stream of Panel One technicians attending manufacture lead training programs at the BMW Training Centre in Melbourne every year.

As a result, the Company has one of the most highly trained teams of repair technicians in the country. But, as we all know - gaining expert knowledge is one thing, retaining it is another. Length of service is the best measure of job satisfaction and a good indicator of staff loyalty and retention. Farewells at Panel One are as rare as hen's teeth and that means a stable workforce.

It’s this commitment to training and development and the adoption of modern repair technology that has allowed Panel One to build its reputation for quality workmanship delivered by a team of expert considered to be among of the industry’s best.

It’s little wonder that Panel One has been an accredited BMW bodyshop for 30+ years and grown to become Sydney’s leading BMW repair specialists.

For example - the collective experience of the 3 expert spray painters is more than 55 years and for the 6 panel technicians its 85. This is complemented by a fully trained BMW mechanic and an experienced detailer, both with extensive BMW dealership backgrounds.

* Background video  was produced and published by BMW UK June 2013

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Panel One has been BMW accredited for 30+ years

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