End-of-Lease Report

For a BMW Full Circle Lease

At the end of a Full Circle Lease, your vehicle will be subject to a detailed evaluation by BMW. Everything from its service history to the state of the interior trim, wheels and paint work will be inspected for damage and excessive wear and tear. You can choose to address the items yourself and have them fixed by a set date or alternatively the costs will be calculated by BMW as handback charges.


A small scratch to the paintwork is $100, a medium scratch $300 and $500 for a large scratch. While for these it may be more reasonable to pay BMW, for new tyres and other listed issues it may not. But if left to the final days of the lease agreement, there’ll be little or no time to consider alternatives and you could be forced to pay top dollar. 

It doesn’t take long for these things to add up and it’s not unusual for owners to face an unexpected bill for $’000’s. Fail to redress or pay the handback charges by the agreed date and you will be in breach of contract.

Panel One has been an accredited BMW bodyshop for more than 30 years. We posses the expertise required to evaluate your vehicle and the experience needed to pinpoint the items likely to fail inspection and trigger a financial penalty. For just $99, a Panel One End of Lease Report takes about 20 minutes to complete and provides you with a professional independent report that details the condition of your car along with a quote to address any issues. A copy of your Report will be emailed to you within 2 working days of the inspection date. Panel One can then explain the findings and answer any questions over the phone and schedule the required work to be done.

Completed at least 4 weeks prior to the agreed return date, you’ll have enough time to have the necessary repairs done for the best possible price and avoid a last-minute crisis or a dispute over additional unexpected costs.


The Report is obligation free and should you authorise Panel One to compete any or all the items listed, the $99 fee will be deducted from the total cost.

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