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If Your Car Needs to be Repaired, Call Panel One First

Panel One has been an accredited BMW bodyshop for 30+ years. As a respected member of the industry for this length of time, we've developed long-standing relationships with all the major insurers. It's experience and knowledge that can be used to fast-track the repair and return of your vehicle.


So, regardless of who is at fault, before you raise a claim, please call Panel One first - 02 9669  6799.

An Official Quote

When you submit a claim, you’ll be provided with a unique claim number by your insurer and instructed to obtain an official quote for the repair. This can only be performed by a trained and experienced professional with intimate knowledge of the vehicles make and model. Depending on the extent of the damage, this should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Most insurance companies allow freedom to choose your repairer, provided they are fully accredited. Simply provide the name of your insurance company and claim number to Panel One and we’ll take care of the rest.

To arrange a quote, either call Panel One or complete and submit the following Form. Don’t forget to include your claim number as this will help fast-track approval of the repair.

An Insurance Assessment

In addition to the official quote, an Assessor from your insurance company must inspect your vehicle to approve the claim. As a leading BMW approved repairer we are well known to most assessors, so the Official Quote and Insurance Assessment can both be done on the same day. To do so, your vehicle will be required at Panel One before 9 am on the date arranged and if you choose to leave it with us, work will commence immediately after the Assessment. 

Where to find us

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Tel: 02 9669  6799

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Panel One has been BMW accredited for 30+ years

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